About the Centralia Rotary Flags Project

For Country & Community

Participating in the Centralia WA Rotary Flags Project means more than just showing your patriotism. It’s an annual commitment that not only allows Rotarians to adorn your home with the American Flag on four special holidays but also supports charitable endeavors both within our community and beyond. Your involvement makes a tangible difference, fostering a sense of unity and generosity in Centralia. Join us in spreading joy and making a positive impact together.

Installation and Display Dates

Rotarians will install a self-mounting flag in your yard. The four holidays flags will be displayed are: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veterans Day. Flags will be put into place just prior to the holiday and will be removed shortly after the holiday.

Centralia Rotary Flag Display Policy:

For guidelines with regard to proper handling of the American Flag, consult the US Flag Code. Information is available in many locations, but we suggest this American Legion site: legion.org

This Program Supports

Charitable Work


Improvements to Infrastructure

and so much more…